Glasses in the cinema

The cinema began to use glasses from the beginning. The brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière in 1895 presented the first screening of a film to the public.

All 'era of Harold Lloyd silent film is the first actor who has char erizzato in the role of Harold, bespectacled young man, always aimed at the conquest of success, in keeping with the spirit of The' America.

In the cinema of the 1920s, we see several players using fassamano and prinz - nez glasses . The directors use glasses to represent the veracity of the characters. The eyewear market was strongly influenced by the cinema , at first it limited its diffusion, associating the figure of who wore them to the losers " qu attrocch i ".

Over the years '40 and' 50, things change. The glasses are used to accentuate beauty , being sexy . The form that is the master and that aa cat, tips pushed up to slim the face. Man uses rounded and acetate shapes that give him an intellectual area.

Probably the film that marked the turning point is " Breakfast at Tiffany " in 1961 with Audrey Hepburn as Holly allows a social life and frequents high society, among the fashion clothes and accessories there is no lack of big sunglasses , sophisticated and classy.

occhiali cinemaOLDThe ' 70s are characterized by disco music that makes everything a little' more eccentric . Pastel colors, eccentric shirts and glasses in opaque celluloid .

The cinema of the 80s is conquered by characters who are strongly characterized with glasses . Fashion and cinema can no longer do without glasses .

The cinema of the 90s is characterized by two brands of glasses: Ray-B an and Persol . All the main protagonists are wearing glasses produced by these two brands. The market is aware of the great communication skills of the grand and screen and uses it as a form of communication.