If curiosity stimulates the vision, Massimo Bisogno is a curious and a visionary! Her collection, with a progressive increase, of glasses was born from a patient and certosina research.

Instruments that for more than 700 years, (if further historical and iconographic research will not deny the chronological data), have allowed to expand scientific knowledge, to be able to read more easily to those who for various reasons have problems related to one of the most abused senses in the history of mankind.

The happy conjuncture of the new store of Ottica Bisogno, along one of the central streets of Salerno, has allowed the entrepreneur to create an exhibition / educational space not only for the refined and sometimes unusual examples of such objects of art, but also reversible and polyvalent.

Next to the antique glasses that retrace the stages of these instruments and their captions, works of art will alternate; Massimo Bisogno is not at all new in these cultural and communicative fields, from paintings to sculptures, from graphics to photography, in the last 15 years he has investigated the field of artistic experimentation, sometimes like a true pygmalion, looking beyond the ephemeral given of everyday life with young talents, today established artists in the Italian visual arts scene.

In the Occhiale Museum, you will be able to observe closely, models and shapes that trace the history of the last three centuries: from the classic "pince-nez" of gilded or steel, to the silver lorniettes, mother of pearl and turtle, to the "face-à-main" in horn and gold, to the very thin "wire rims", to the arched models, to examples with extendable arms, to precious mother-of-pearl binoculars, to shagreen cases, to camel or steel or silver. A sample book that makes the small Occhiale Museum, a contemporary "Wunderkammer" or Cabinet de Curiosités in which during the year will alternate objects related to the world of vision, ancient paintings that will have as subjects, portraits with and without monocles and glasses, sculptures, toys or expressive forms of art tout court.