The glasses of Ugo

by Museo dell'Occhiale

In the city of Treviso is the oldest representation of eyewear in the history of art.ugo panoramica tommaso

il cardinale Nicolò di Rouen con una lente d'ingrandimento

The first representation of eyewear in the history of art dates back to 1352. In a fresco by Tommaso Barisini, better known as Tommaso da Modena (1326-1379), painter and modenese miniaturist. The first eyewear in history, documented, is worn by the Dominican friar Hugh of Saint-Cher. The fresco realized by Tommaso is located in the Chapter Hall of the Convent of San Nicolò in Treviso.

The friars represented in the work are forty, each seated in his chair, in real poses, so as to make it hypothesize that he used models, perhaps the friars themselves of the convent.

In the other fresco is Cardinal Nicolò di Rouen with a magnifying glass. Currently the work is undergoing restoration. The works will last until the middle of 2019.